Portugal is the most fascinating nation in Europe and has been one of the top attractions among travel enthusiasts. If you like architecture, wonderful wines, delicious recipes, unforgettable sightseeing, or adorable hospitality, Portugal is the place to visit as it gives you enough reasons to come back time and time again. The top attractions to see in Portugal are in the city of Porto; here are some of the things to visit while in Porto

Rio Douro

Places like this make Porto a key place to visit. You cannot visit Portugal and leave without a river trip and if you love to spend time on a boat, there are plenty of options/different trips to enjoy.

Ribeira Square

If you are looking for good sightseeing options in Porto, Ribeira Square can be a very good option. The place is one of the most famous destinations due to its bars and restaurants. Don’t forget to visit the wine shops around the place and taste some amazing bites in the restaurants.

If you are young and willing to know Europe with your crew, there is no better place than this one. If you are looking for a more relaxed alternative, a gentle walk along the river can give you an amazing feeling. Lastly, there are some street musicians in here that certainly deserve a special mention.

Duro Valley: the most popular wine site in Porto

Duro Valley is a very popular UNESCO-listed site. The world knows that the site is very famous for its Port Wine and there is a significant number of wineries pending to be found. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience an entire day in the Douro.

Santiago de Compostela and Valença do Minho

Santiago de Compostela and Valenca do Minho trip has been the favorite for those who love day trips as the views while visiting the countryside of northern Portugal are delightful. You can witness a great number of pilgrim sites here. In fact, this is considered one of the most popular pilgrimage paths across the globe. This route is traditionally very enriched as well.

Aveiro Tour: Perfect for those in a hurry

If you are in a little hurry, a day trip to Aveiro would be a fantastic option. Especially, the waterways of the place are too romantic for young couples. To make things even more interesting,