Portugal is an amazing place for the foodies. Portuguese food is equally enriched with taste enhancement factors such as olive oil, spice, etc., and, at the same time, is nutritionally valuable. These foods represent the perfect combination of vegetarian, meats, and seafood. Each part of Portugal is known for its special recipe; however, from our perspective, here you have five mandatory tastes of Porto:

Caldo Verde

It won’t be wrong to term Caldo Verde as the most popular soup around the globe. It is also known as ‘Kale soup’ in English. It is really simple to cook and enriched with nutritional value. This is not a conventional vegetarian soup as it contains the perfect flavor of Portuguese chouriço. The recipe is made denser through potato puree and tastier through garlic. One bowl of Caldo Verde can be overwhelming and therefore satisfy your taste bud and appetite.

Tripas à Moda do Porto

Visiting Porto and here and not trying this is like a crime; especially if you are a foodie. This is one of the most celebrated traditional food of Porto. Like most of the other Portuguese recipes, this one is super tasty too, and at the same time with a healthy nutritional value. A typical Tripas a Moda do Porto represents the best combination of beans, sausage, and a great variety of Portuguese vegetables. Equal interesting is to mention that the recipe gave birth to the popular name Tripeiros, which is a nickname for Porto’s locals.


No foodie can feel satisfied without tasting a codfish recipe in Portugal. Bacalhau – codfish in English – is one of the finest dishes that every traveler in Portugal should try. It’s mostly prepared with dried codfish and every traveler can find his/her perfect recipe taste. This century-old traditional food of Portugal can give you a fresh taste every time you try it.

Port wine

When someone asks about the most authentic traditional food of Porto, Port Wine is recommended without any hitch. The wine, which is also referred to simply as Port, is mostly served as a dessert or appetizer. Port wine is visually quite enchanting as well, coming in red and white versions. However, the red Port Wines are more popular than the white ones.


Francesinha is obviously recommended when someone asks for the best tastes in Porto. It is a very old and traditional recipe that has many stories linked with Porto’s history. This sandwich is mostly prepared through a proper combination of sausage, hams, meats, and beefsteak. One can prepare it using loin pork roast as well. The secret ingredient is the sauce